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You will learn to drive a tunnel hull race boat in a safe, enjoyable environment, at an affordable cost. Walk away with a ride of a lifetime and you’ll be one step closer to racing…


From rigging supplies, power steering units, throttle components, fuel systems, safety equipment, electronics and more…if it’s part of a formula light boat we most likely have it!


Our audience is 96% likely or very likely to purchase products from a brand that sponsors our race team. Become a part of the Liquid Revolutions family today and become a sponsor.


The 2024 Formula Light Racing schedule has a few new cities along will multiple returning cities across the US. The first race of the season is set for February in Bradenton, Florida…


The Formula Light Tunnel Boat Class, also known as SST-45 or Pro Tunnel 2, is a highly competitive motorsport class ideal for racing enthusiasts of all levels. The F-Lights class has become the preferred choice for many drivers looking to enter the world of tunnel boat racing. As a stock outboard class, it serves as an excellent training ground for drivers aspiring to compete in larger tunnel boat classes. The full fields of competitors provide a challenging environment, requiring participants to quickly develop their skills and become adept at making quick starts and navigating tight turns at high speeds. For those seeking an exhilarating motorsport experience, Formula Lights tunnel boat racing offers the perfect platform to hone your skills while competing across the country.

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Our approach is different, and more than just a logo on a boat.  We are the marketing tool that can gain you a competitive advantage over your competition and help reach your business goals.

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