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Tunnel Boat racing is a sport that many people have a lot of questions about. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get.

Formula Lights Average between 60-80 MPH 

Speeds vary based on a lot of different factors such as course shape and size, weather conditions, water conditions, boat setup, prop choice and more.

The current 1/4 mile straightaway record is 84.905 MPH set by RJ West on Sept 24, 2017

The Formula Lights is a stock class and run a stock, 2 cylinder Johnson or Evinrude 2-Stroke, 49.9cc fishing motor which can produce around 60 HP.

Being a stock class, no modifications can be made to the motor to improve horsepower or performance

In the 1980’s Formula Light boats were made almost completely from a special type of marine plywood called Okoume.

Most of the formula lights boats you see running today, are from the early 2000’s.  They are a mix of Composites, like Carbon Fiber or Kevlar in the drivers area (safety cell), and wood for the rest of the boat.

Today, with the goal to improve driver safety, yet make a lighter hull, Liquid Revolutions boats are made 100% from composites such as fiberglass and carbon fiber and contain no wood.

In most cases the driver owns and works on their boat.

All boats are required to have an air supply system on board, which is checked during safety/tech inspection at each event.

Most drivers use some form of a scuba system which allows them to be able to breath while being underwater. 

Formula Lights is a stock class and is required to run standard pump gas and not allowed to run special racing fuel. Fuel is tested after each race to ensure no modifications or additives have been used.

Most racers use Recreational Fuel (aka Rec Fuel) which is ethanol free and can be found at many gas stations.  With the Formula Lights running a 2-stroke motor, oil is pre-mixed with the gas at around a 25:1 fuel to oil ratio. This is much higher than most of the new 2 stroke outboard motors, which typically run a 50:1 or even 100:1 fuel to oil ratio.

Formula Light Tunnel Boats compete mostly at in-shore venues, such as lakes, rivers, reservoirs and quarries all over the US.

For a complete Formula Light schedule visit our Events page

Formula Light Tunnel Boats is a great place to start as powerboat racer. It is one of the most affordable classes of Tunnel Boat Racing, and is a great steppingstone if you want to move up to the Formula 1 Tunnel Boat Class.

Liquid Revolutions has teamed up with Powerboat Nationals and is offering a Formula Light Driving Academy. During the weekend course, you will learn to drive a Formula Light race boat in a safe, enjoyable environment. At completion you’ll be one step closer to racing as a competitor.

Visit the Driving School Page for complete details

Formula Light drivers can start at 16 years old.

American Power Boat Association (APBA) has a few Junior class Junior Hydro and Junior Runabout that drivers can start at 9 years old.

The short answer is nothing.

Different promoters call the class different things in an effort to relate better to different types of motorsports racing.  The official ABPA class name is SST-45, however over the past few years you are seeing most promoters have adopted the name of Formula Lights .